Information Central for the music groups at Odle Middle School


Primary Goals

• Develop the singing voice through sight-singing, vocal techniques (including breath) and use of diction, blend, articulation, phrasing, and tone quality

• Appreciate various styles of music ranging from different cultures, periods and forms

• Encourage a high quality of performance through goal-oriented rehearsals and practice.


All choir members will need to wear official concert attire. Uniforms are: Odle Choir Polo Shirt ($20) with black pants or a skirt. Skirts at the knee or below are suggested and/or skirts with black tights.

What 8th Graders Say About Choir

"Choir for me was an experience to try new genres in songs, as well as meet new people."

"Choir was a great place for me to meet new people who, like me, had a passion for singing."

"When I first heard Odle's choir in 6th grade, I was entranced by the magical sounds that harmonies could create. I've made so many new friends and enjoyed every minute of it."

"Choir was a chance for me to do something different and to be expressive in music. The memories that I have gained from Choir are unforgettable."

"Choir has been an amazing class to find new friends and exploit your talents."

"I love choir because I could express myself in my own way, and I have met new friends with different styles."

"Choir has been a wonderful experience because we have had the chance to sing a wide array of classical pieces which we would not normally be exposed to."

Choir has definitely been a fantastic experience - the joy of bringing happiness to others is a joy in and of itself."

"Choir has meant a lot to me, because when I started at the beginning of the year, I had zero singing experience. I had never even thought about having a solo in my life. But thanks to choir, I am performing not only at school, but elsewhere."