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Your middle-school student is growing up to manhood/womanhood, and this is the time when memories matter most. People who develop dementia remember tunes up to the very end of memory. Music has staying power, and so being able to play an instrument, sing, or otherwise produce harmonic sounds affords one some level of power.

You as the parent can enhance the musical experience of your middle-school kid by being involved. FOOM is all about parent involvement.

We invite you to get involved in the musical development of your student. You don't have to be musically inclined yourself. Any help is appreciated by your student, other students, and the musical directors. In most any performance, you will find us helping out in small ways, like by putting away the chairs and music stands that the students used, or guiding the students to their pre- and post-performance seats.

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We invite you to get involved in this wonderful endeavor...